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GSEB 10th Results 2024 by Name

After the heavily pressurized exam of the SSC 10th Class, students of GSEB boards are eagerly waiting for the GSEB 10th results date announcement. This result date marks a full year’s hard work getting merit and it lays a foundation for the next academic journey. GSEB (The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board) conducts SSC and HSC exams once a year. HSC results were already announced on 9th May, yesterday. Now, all eyes are set on SSC results by GSEB.

  • SSC results by name are going to be a hot search this time too. is a pioneer of this service.


Challenges Faced by Students

There are cases where students lose the Exam Receipt or Admit card, in this case, they have no option except to check GSEB 10th results 2024 by name. So, here we provide you with all the ways and means to check GSEB SSC results by name.

Another issue is lakhs of students go on the official site to check by roll number which leads to outages on the official site many a time. In such cases, the other portals or websites are very handy for checking out SSC 2024 results by name.

Therefore, to overcome this challenge faced by students we at are trying to get the details of GSEB 10th results 2024 by name by any means or hook or crook.

Why SSC 2024 Results by Name are IMP?

Anyone knowing the full name of a person can check results by name, this proves as a measure of truthfulness of the result when a Student has got lesser marks but fakes it to a higher side. There is always a moral check on students who are declaring their marks and percentages.

Hence, GSEB 10th results 2024 by name will be a more foolproof and intuitive way to check and confirm the results of SSC students. By just putting your name, it’s a swift experience to get the results and no need to enter the roll number and find an old piece of paper called an exam receipt.

The Solution of GSEB 10th Results 2024 by Name

As we said earlier it’s quite important to have information of GSEB results by name, we at introduce a groundbreaking solution: GSEB 10th Results 2024 by Name.

This is a simple methodology by which you can check the GSEB SSC results by name.  With years of experience, we at have developed a user-friendly platform with which you can get access of your SSC results by name in 2024. Follow this method of simply entering your name selecting the options available and double-checking it with your roll number, that’s it.

How Does SSC Results by Name System Work?

The GSEB 10the results by name works as a standalone database of all the SSC student data that the site has.  It is a cross-references student information with the GSEB database and server.

Earlier time, was showing results by name but this time in GSEB 2024 exams results, it’s not confirmed whether GSEB 10th results by name 2024 will be available or not.

GSEB 10th Results 2024 by Name Benefits

The innovative service by has many benefits as we said earlier. It’s a double-check check on the actual result of a student against his claims.

It’s also handy if you have lost access to your Admit card or exam receipt for the SSC 2024 exams.

So, you should check the portal to get the latest updates by Indiaresults about SSC results 2024 by name and check whether it’s actual available or not.


In conclusion, I suggest you check out the link and check whether finally the GSEB 10th Results 2024 by Name is available or not. Forget the harassment of entering roll numbers and go with our unique methods of and enjoy the SSC 10th results by name.

If you have any queries then do leave a comment below.

If you are having any issues in checking SSC results by name then leave a comment below.

FAQs on GSEB 10th Results 2024 by Name

1. How can I check my GSEB 10th results by name?

Enter your name and other required details on the GSEB 10th Results 2024 by Name platform which is on

2. Is it necessary to know my roll number to access the results?

On the official site GSEB.ORG, its compulsory to have a roll number. But on, you can access your results by simply providing your name.

3. What information is needed to check my results?

Only roll number and captcha code are required on officials ite of

4. Can I access the results from mobile?

Yes, the platform is accessible from mobile with an internet connection.

5. What time will the SSC 2024 results by name be available after the announcement?

Results are typically available in the early morning on the site by the GSEB. But results by name will be only available on

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